To be leading in high-tech product innovation, industry requires latest embedded system engineering capabilities and skills. It is here that TNO-ESI comes in, partnering in the development and deployment of strategic knowledge for design and engineering of complex high-tech systems and applications.

Innovation focus

The successful development of high-tech systems or applications relies on the ability to perform state-of-the art embedded systems engineering within a rapidly changing technology environment. This increasingly requires a multi-disciplinary approach with multi-objective trade-offs.

TNO-ESI focuses on the development of new methods and techniques for system design and engineering to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, quality and costs of product development.

We collaborate with a wide range of industrial and academic partners, combining the strengths of both worlds.

Programme lines

To address the multi-disciplinary design challenges, and incorporate the correct system-level qualities and extra-functional requirements in today’s high-tech products, TNO-ESI focuses on four key innovation areas:
• system performance
• system quality & reliability
• future-proof systems
• systems in context
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Competence areas

To advance the fundamental basis of high-tech product design, and improve on its efficiency, effectiveness, quality and costs, TNO-ESI focuses on the following key professional competencies:
• system architecting
• system design
• system integration & test
• model-based engineering
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Our approach

To optimise the industrial and societal impact of our innovation programmes, TNO-ESI has introduced the following innovative ways of working:
• industry-as-laboratory
• landing-fields
• industry-as-classroom
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