System Integration & Test

Target audience

In this course integration and test are perceived as processes that are part of system development. The target audience of this master class are (integration) architects, project leaders and test managers with sufficient professional background (experience of 5 years or more) in the development of high-tech systems, and who are in need of understanding system integration & test aspects on a system level.

Way of working

During the course various approaches, concepts and methods will be introduced supported by industrial examples. Participants will work on a realistic case in order to get acquainted with the theory. At the end of the course participants will be invited to make a start with their own system integration & test plan.


This course introduces you to the guidelines and practices for system integration & test. Integration and test are each perceived as processes that are both part of system development. You will learn that these processes are closely intertwined. In addition to the process focus, system integration & test is also a domain where a variety of topics meet, e.g. system design/architecture, product structure, communication and project management. To enable this mix of technical, business and organisational issues, the course parts are structured according to four aspects:

  • Business – how to make profit from your system. this concerns e.g. the quality and on-time delivery of the right product.
  • Architecture – technical means to build a system, components and interfaces, product structure.
  • Process – arranging the set of process activities as well as dealing with the required knowledge and skills of the resources, which relate to people as well as to tools.
  • Organisation – roles, responsibilities and relationships within the development of the organisation teams, people, responsibilities.

Course structure system integration & test

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Course details

Course setup


4 days

# Participants:

  • Minimum 9, maximum 16
  • Participation is possible as an individual or in small teams from the same company (typically 3 to 5 participants)

Reference No.:

TNO-ESI 2.30

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Location & costs


De Rondom 1 (TU/e campus)
5612 AP Eindhoven
The Netherlands


€ 2.200 / person (excl. VAT)*


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  • dr. ir. Tom Brugman - ASML
  • Dipl. Ing. Andreas Schoenwaldt - ASML
  • dr. Gerrit Muller - TNO-ESI
Joris van den Aker 

+31 8886 65 414



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When cancellation is made more than one month before the start of the programme € 150,00 administration fee will be charged.

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It is allowed to nominate someone else to attend in a participant's place, provided that ESI is informed in writing at least one week before the start of the programme. It is not possible to change your participation to a different date.

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