Jan Tretmans keynote at QA&Test 2017

We build ever larger and more complex embedded systems. Systematic testing plays an important role in assessing the quality of such systems. Testing, however, turns out to be error-prone, expensive, and laborious. Consequently, better testing methods are needed that can detect more bugs faster and cheaper. Classical test automation helps but only for test execution. Model-based testing (MBT) is a promising technology that enables the next step in test automation by combining automatic test generation and test result analysis with test execution, and providing more, longer, and more diversified test cases with less effort.

In the presentation, we first discuss the basic ideas and principles of MBT, with its advantages, pitfalls, and perspectives. Second, we discuss a couple of trends, issues, and challenges for testing high-tech embedded systems, and their implications for testing, such as complexity, distribution, concurrency, uncertainty, and systems-of-systems. Third, we show an MBT approach and an MBT tool dealing with these issues. The MBT approach combines the latest theoretical insights on test generation with high practical applicability and strong modelling capabilities. The MBT tool has been applied to  various systems, ranging from smart-cards to large, high-tech embedded systems.

QA&Test 2017

16th International Conference on Software QA and Testing
on Embedded Systems
25-26-27 October - Euskalduna Conference Centre
Bilbao, Spain 

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