Océ embraces complexity

ESI symposium 2017. Managing Complexity, October 3rd 2017

Paul Hilkens: Océ embraces complexity

As hightech systems almost equal complexity, Océ has decided to embrace this complexity as a way to master it. Two approaches stand out: to apply modeling to quantify uncertainty as much as possible and as a way to move towards virtual prototyping. The second aspects is to create as flat an R&D hierarchy as possible to create maximum flexibility and to make the most of each individual's contribution in development.

Paul Hilkens

As with other OEMs such as ASML, Philips Medical or Thermo Fisher/FEI, also for Océ goes that complexity is the very definition of its hightech systems. Complexity is defined by a multitude of known factors and a fair number of known ànd as yet unknown unknown factors. What further contributes to complexity is an end product meant for a fast developing market and a situation with confusing or conflicting facts and observations. Complexity stands for ambiguity and uncertainty. One thing is sure, says Hilkens: “Just like in politics, complexity cannot be solved by simplicity.”

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