Evolvability of complex systems

Evolvability is the capability of a system to adapt to changes. An organisation that develops and maintains systems needs to be able to adapt them to changing circumstances in limited time, with reasonable effort, and in a predictable way. 

One can look at evolvability from several points of view: It can be regarded as a system property or as an organisational capability. It can be regarded as a property of a design strategy or as a property of a standard that enables many different systems to inter-operate.

Special issue in Advanced Engineering Informatics

'Evolvability of Complex Systems' is the special issue of the journal 'Advanced Engineering Informatics' of August 2012 (volume 26, issue 3) and covers all above mentioned angles of looking at evolvability.

It is edited by ESI research fellows Piërre van de Laar and Gerrit Muller and former ESI research fellow Pierre America.

'Advanced Engineering Informatics - The science of supporting knowledge-intensive activities' is an international journal. It solicits research papers with particular emphases both on 'knowledge' and 'engineering applications'.

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