Welcome to ESI academy

Welcome to ESI academy

At TNO-ESI, we are committed to train the next generation of systems engineers through specialized learning programs tailored to the complex demands of the high tech industry. Our approach integrates knowledge, skills and mindset to ensure our participants are equipped to navigate the complexities of future systems with confidence.

ESI academy mindset-skills-knowledge

Mindset: strategic thinking and leadership

In the rapidly evolving landscape in the high-tech industry, technical expertise alone is insufficient for systems engineers to thrive. Our programs go beyond technical competences, instilling leadership qualities, a systems mindset, and a deep understanding of business dynamics. Whether you aspire to be a technical leader, architect, or integrator, we provide the holistic training needed to excel in your chosen role.

Skills: bridging theory with practice

At TNO-ESI, we recognize that systems engineering requires more than theoretical knowledge -it demands the practical applications of skills in real-world scenarios. That’s why our learning programs emphasize hands-on experience, by integrating real-life business use cases and practical tools within our learning programs. 

Knowledge: building strong foundations

In cooperation with industry and academia, we developed theory and learning materials essential for understanding the fundamental principles of systems engineering. Our curriculum covers a spectrum of topics, from core concepts to advanced methodologies, and is accessible both online and offline.