Systems Design

Systems Design

Systems designers operate at the subsystem and module levels, where they play a crucial role in the creation of functional components, which are part of a bigger system. Our comprehensive learning track provides an interdisciplinary approach, covering essential elements necessary for designing and developing these modules. We emphasize understanding the entire life cycle of a system, ensuring our designers are equipped to create the most suitable solutions..

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Systems Integration


System Designers or module owners leading a multidisciplinary team that work in a company developing high-tech systems and solutions.


  • multi-company and company specific

  • fully online, hybrid and face-to-face possibilities

  • 4 modules, divided over 3 months, 8 hours per week

  • company specific case

  • including video lessons

  • monthly team coaching

  • in teams of 2-4 persons

  • EUR 2100,- per person