Systems Engineering Fundamentals

Systems Engineering Fundamentals

Our course covers the fundamental aspects of systems engineering, encompassing processes, methods, and techniques essential for effective systems design. We delve into systems composition and integration, highlighting the critical role of managing development across the entire lifecycle. Emphasizing key competencies such as integrating diverse perspectives, applying systems thinking, and adept communication with stakeholders, our course equips participants with the skills needed to excel in this dynamic field.

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Systems Engineering Fundamentals


For individuals, including students and professionals, who aspire to understand the fundamental principles of systems engineering. This can be

  • students that study a more in-depth technical study that want to learn more systems level thinking

  • professionals working in a high-tech company who want to improve their understanding of systems engineering


  • academia, company specific and multi-company possible

  • fully online, hybrid and face-to-face possibilities

  • company specific case

  • including video lessons

  • additional team coaching

  • videos developed in cooperation with University Of South-Eastern Norway (USN)