Documentation POOSL

Documentation POOSL

POOSL Tool Documentation

The main sources for POOSL tool documentation are the installation manual for the POOSL IDE and the slides from the hands-on workshop at the TNO-ESI Symposium in 2014.

Documentation in Eclipse IDE

There is plenty of up-to-date documentation about POOSL available in Eclipse IDE after installing the POOSL plugin. Example topics include creating/importing/exporting projects and simulation/debugging, as well as a complete language reference and API of basic classes. To access this help, start Eclipse and use the menu to navigate to Help → Help Contents → POOSL.


There is a basic tutorial for developing POOSL models.

TU/e provides useful video tutorials about installation and modeling with POOSL.


There is a bundle with educational example models of varying complexity, as well as the POOSL library classes, with an accompanying Eclipse project file (current version 2019-12-09).