Truck Platooning technology ready for the public roads

EcoTwin consortium: trucks drive at 0.3 seconds apart, automatically and safely  

The EcoTwin consortium of TNO, DAF, NXP and Ricardo has proven the technical feasibility of Truck Platooning on public roads. The technology enables at least three trucks connected with each other through datacommunication to platoon safely and automatically at just 0.3 seconds apart. This milestone means that, in cooperation with truck manufacturers, service providers, researchers, the authorities and insurance companies, platooning is now ready for testing on public roads. Truck Platooning has clear benefits:  fuel savings, lower CO2 emissions, improved traffic safety and better traffic flow. It also facilitates the creation of new business models for the efficient use of logistics processes and subsequent cost savings.   

Source: TNO

Logistics and road traffic nowadays require an innovative, safe and intelligent kind of goods transport. Europe is the world leader when it comes to Truck Platooning. In April 2016 TNO and Rijkswaterstaat (Dept. of Public Works) drafted a Vision of Truck Platooning 2025. Consultation with fifteen different stakeholders from the European Truck Platooning network led to a clear vision of the future. The partners of EcoTwin consider that the time is now ripe to put this vision into practice.

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