ESI symposium 2017
Managing complexity in embedded systems engineering

ESI symposium 2017 

Complex to complicated

“Why focus on complexity rather than simplicity?”, Verma asks his audience retorically. “Because we tried simplicity ant it proves to be way harder. We therefore quickly went back to complexity again.” Complexity, he says, increases in the entire universe – in nature and in society and not least in systems engineering. It is society's and the system architect's task to deal with complexity, as with the growing fragility that is linked to it. “The system engineer's toolbox for that, mainly dating from the 1940-1970 period, begins to fall short. There is a need for change, but a lot has to be overcome before a new toolbox will become mainstream.”

Dinesh Verma

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As hightech systems almost equal complexity, Océ has decided to embrace this complexity as a way to master it. Two approaches stand out: to apply modeling to quantify uncertainty as much as possible and as a way to move towards virtual prototyping. The second aspects is to create as flat an R&D hierarchy as possible to create maximum flexibility and to make the most of each individual's contribution in development.

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Stop building physical prototypes, start model-based product development - keynote lecture by Lars Idema (High Tech Systems 2017).

TNO as an employer

TNO offers you the chance to do groundbreaking work and help customers with innovative, practical and smart solutions. And all that with an attractive benefits package.

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Anouk Bos: "We believe in young talent".  

Anouk Bos, a recruiter at TNO, is always searching for new talent and is especially interested in young professionals who have an entrepreurial mindset and a clear vision. "At TNO, we really believe in young talent".
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