Reflexion project aims at supporting the emerging high-tech industry paradigm shift from selling ‘boxes’ to supporting ‘integrated solutions’, by providing significant improvements in quality and stability during early product roll-out.

The objectives of Reflexion include

  • Reacting to unforeseen problems or emerging needs in a speedy and cost-effective way by augmenting products with an introspective layer of data sensing and data analytics.
  • Thereby creating value out of the high-tech system’s operational data which for now is still characterized by legacy choices on infrastructural and analytical approaches.
  • Propagating this knowledge (automatically) back into the product development lifecycle and the service & maintenance flow.


Reflexion consortium

Reflexion consortium

Philips - making the difference in healthtech

Reflexion - Philips
Océ - printing future

Reflexion - Oce

 Products & solutions

- large format printing technologies
- continuous feed printing technologies
- cut-sheet printing technologies
- sheet-fed printing technologies
- workflow software
- business services

Reflexion - Oce

Barco - enabling bright outcomes

Reflexion - Barco

  • Ambition: global leadership in connected visualization systems for professional use
  • Vision: through the offering of best-in-class networked visualization sulutions, Barco will enable to run their business in a more effective way
  • Key metrics:
    - ca 3500 employees worldwide
    - ca 1 billion sales for 5 consecutive years
    - presence in more than 90 countries
  • Technology

Siemens Industry Software - ingenuity for life

Reflexion - Siemens

Yazzoom - creating value from data

Reflexion - Yazzoom

Ghent, Belgium Based SME, founded in 2011.
Building software for optimizing company processes through machine intelligence in REFLEXION: expertise in machine learning and predictive analytics.

ESI - embedded systems innovation

Reflexion - ESI

Synerscope - reveals unstructured data, opens it up and gives full control

Helvoirt (NL) based SME, founded 2011
From raw complex data -> clear visual order for fast sense-making:
visual, flexible, all data dimensions and types

Reflexion - Synerscope

Axini - thorough and fast testing of mission critical systems

Amsterdam, NL based scale-up, founded in 2007
Faster development of fault-free complex systems.
SaaS product: Axini Modeler and TestManager.
Model driven engineering applied to testing in REFLEXION: expertise in modeilng and model-based testing.

Bas Huijbrechts

+31 88 866 54 20 (secretariat)

“My drive is to scale up knowledge valorisation, balancing research objectives against the industrial expectations, for architecting and designing complex systems into the high-tech embedded industry for real industry valorisation.”