Managing complexity
in cyber-physical systems


TNO-ESI is an open and diverse innovation research center with strong partnerships with industry-leading high-tech companies.

Through the development of new methods and techniques for system design and engineering, TNO-ESI addresses the ever-increasing complexity facing the high-tech industry in the systems it creates. Its extensive research program aims to advance the high-tech industry by improving the lead times and effectiveness of their product innovation processes, as well as the functionality, quality and societal impact of their products.

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ESI is an excellent source of knowledge – their results on model-based engineering are particularly applicable and provide value to Canon Production Printing in terms of achieving efficiency in our engineering processes

Paul Hilkens, Vice President Research and Development, Canon Production Printing Netherlands BV


ESI contributes to society by driving advances in high-tech systems technology through a strong shared research program, dedicated innovation support, a focused competence development program and various knowledge- and experience-sharing activities

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