About us

About us

Bridging the gap

We are a leading applied research center for systems design and engineering in the high-tech equipment industry. We work in close collaboration with Dutch industry as well as in strong association with the fundamental research of academia, both nationally and internationally. We contribute to society and the economy by driving advances in high-tech systems technology through a strong shared research program, dedicated innovation support, a focused competence development program and various knowledge- and experience-sharing activities. Through our strategic research projects, we show how to put fundamental knowledge - including the latest insights into model-driven engineering - into practice in the harsh reality of industry.

Our vision

A world-leading Dutch high-tech systems industry which creates consistent and increasingly positive economic impacts and societal value by constantly improving the effectiveness of their way of working.

Our mission

Embedding cutting-edge methodologies into the Dutch high-tech systems industry in order to cope with the ever-increasing complexity of their products.


ESI leverages in-house facilities through its on-site industry-as-a-lab approach. In order to conduct work in our domain at a world-class level, the key is to work on real-world, business-critical industrial challenges. Data and other materials related to this are often company confidential and can only be accessed on-site. Our industry-as-a-lab approach has been carefully built up over the years in full collaboration with (the support of) our partners. We are able to work in this way thanks to the strong trust between our partners and ESI, as well as to the mutual trust between the partners themselves.


The ESI team is a group of high-level professionals who are self-driven and take responsibility for their work and impact in ESI’s activities for both the individual partners and the overall ecosystem.

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Since 2013, ESI has been part of TNO.

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