Develop people

Develop people

stay fit for the future

Technical professionals have to keep on learning in order to manage the complexity of future systems. The key question is therefore whether you and your team are fit for the future.

Our aspiration is to:

Support technical professionals in coping with the increasing complexity of their systems by contributing to their lifelong learning development (professional development). We do this along the themes of ESI’s expertise in systems architecting, performance, systems in context, systems dependability, evolvability and developing a systems mindset.

We believe that every partner or customer has their own challenges and we therefore mostly customize our offerings to your specific needs.

How to develop yourself

The ways in which engineers develop themselves differ. We distinguish between three different situations and possibilities for improving your competencies:

  1. What you KNOW

    For engineers who want to stay up to date and need to apply state-of-the-art approaches, methods and tools or who want to learn about the latest trends, we offer a wide variety of competence development activities such as courses, workshops, micro-learnings, webinars, etc.

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  2. What you DO
    Competence development is not only about technical knowledge - the ability to apply this in daily practice is also key. Professional engineers learn a lot from others by sharing knowledge and experiences. If you want to know how others are managing their ever-increasing complexity, we invite you to join one of our networking activities.

    Interested? Please take a look at our networking activities.

  3. Who you ARE
    Engineers who want to grow into the role of a technical leader or principle engineer, such as an architect or integrator, need more than technical competencies alone. Leadership, a systems mindset, system-level engineering competencies and a thorough understanding of the business and application domain are also key.

    Interested? Please take a look at our technical leadership programs.