International network

International network

International Network

ESI is part of an international network of peer knowledge institutes and research centers. Each of them have leadership positions in methodology innovation in order to cope with the complexity of highly-digitalized systems. Each operates in different application domains which are represented by their respective industrial ecosystems.

Being part of this international network allows the continuous benchmarking of ESI’s knowledge position to remain on par with its world-leading peers.

Together, we help to set and mutually align national and international research agendas.

Furthermore, we often team up to create international project proposals within (for example) the EU context, such as Horizon Europe, ITEA and ECSEL. We also involve one other’s expertise in the running of projects when this is advantageous.

some examples of EU projects

Finally, we actively promote the bringing together of the industrial networks of multiple institutes. At the System Architecture Forum (SAF), for instance, lead system architects from the industrial partners of SERC in the USA meet twice a year with colleagues from the industry partners of ESI and from other European companies. And innovation managers from the Fraunhofer IESE partners meet twice a year with colleagues from the ESI industrial partners in order to exchange views on relevant themes.