ESI symposium

ESI symposium

Date: April 16, 2024
Theme: Integrating Systems
Venue: Theatre De Schalm, Veldhoven (NL) and online

ESI symposium 2022
ESI symposium 2022

Managing complexity is the recurring promise of ESI. As co-innovation and strategic collaborations across supply chains are becoming more and more important, ESI and their partners see complexity going to the next level. For many companies, the context of their operations is becoming increasingly important. Many aim to leverage innovations of parties in their supply chain and develop platforms to integrate innovative components into their systems. At the same time, the core business of many is shifting from developing and manufacturing systems towards integrating those systems into the business context of their customers.
Therefore, we have chosen this to be the challenging theme for the 2022 ESI Symposium: Integrating Systems.

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