ESI symposium 2022

ESI symposium 2022

Theme: Integrating systems
Date: September 27, 2022
Venue: Theatre De Schalm, Veldhoven (NL) and online


Integrating Systems

Managing complexity is the recurring promise of ESI. As co-innovation and strategic collaborations across supply chains are becoming more and more important, ESI and their partners see complexity going to the next level. For many companies, the context of their operations is becoming increasingly important. Many aim to leverage innovations of parties in their supply chain and develop platforms to integrate innovative components into their systems.

At the same time, the core business of many is shifting from developing and manufacturing systems towards integrating those systems into the business context of their customers. Therefore, we have chosen this to be the challenging theme for the 2022 ESI Symposium: Integrating Systems.

20th anniversary ESI

This year, 2022, we're celebrating the 20th anniversary of ESI. To mark this moment, we've compiled a booklet. It contains an overview of our history, ongoing research activities and results, and a glimpse into the future of ESI.

Are you interested in a copy of this booklet? Please contact us or digital


The symposium featured internationally renowned academic and industrial keynote speakers, a series of presentation tracks, demonstrations, and ample opportunities for discussions and networking; a physical and online meeting with plenty of online ingredients and opportunities.

Parallel sessions

S1 Business-driven integration

  • Joost Dierkse (ThermoFisher Scientific) pdf

  • Ton Peijnenburg (VDL-ETG) and Ton Aantjes (ASML): Integration challenges of supplier components in an OEM system and lifecycle context

  • Paul Harvey (Philips Healthcare): Maximize value through a modular platform by defining and controlling system interfaces pdf

S2 Confidence in diversity

  • Erik Teesink (Philips IGT) pdf

  • Debjyoti Bera (TNO-ESI): Testing Product Lines based on Evolving Requirements pdf

  • Joost Sytsma (ASML): From Nuts to Nodes along the game trail

    Integrating and verifying the complexity and diversity of lithographic manufacturing pdf

S3 Integrating classical and autonomous systems - organized in collaboration with DLR

  • André Bolles (DLR): Integrating classical and autonomous systems pdf

  • Jesper Christensen (Atlas Elektronik): Maritime Unmanned Systems of Systems pdf

  • Niklas Braun (AVL Deutschland): Using AI to improve Scenario-Based Testing pdf

S4 Platform-based integration

  • Henk Thomassen (Canon Production Printing): Introduction to platform-based integration pdf

  • Gunnar Raschke (Canon Production Printing) and Richard Doornbos (TNO-ESI): Fixing reference architecture... pdf part 1 and pdf part 2

  • Ben Pronk (TNO-ESI) and Riné Pelders (Vanderlande): Considering optimal granularity for Vanderlande Parcel-platform pdf

S5 Optimization in context

  • Marc Verdiesen (ASML)

  • Willeke van Vught (TNO): Adaptive system behavior for highly dynamic situations pdf

  • Ilona Armengol (TNO-ESI) and Maurits Diephuis (ThermoFisher Scientific): Learning in Digital Twins to automated the calibration of high-tech systems

S6 Continuous integration and deployment - organized in collaboration with SERC

  • Dinesh Verma (SERC): Continuous integration and deployment

  • Erik Herzog (Saab Group): A 4-Box Development Model for Complex Systems Engineering pdf

  • Michael Orosz (University of Southern California): Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) in Large Enterprise Environments pdf

  • Kevin de Jong (TomTom): Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment in Automotive pdf

Innovation Market

ASML, ESI, Capgemini Engineering, ITEC, Obeo, Philips, Thales, Vanderlande

Poster Market

University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Leiden University, Radboud University, University of Twente, Incose, ITEA, NWO