TNO-ESI as an employer

TNO-ESI is always looking for talent to reinforce our team of research fellows.

If you have a relevant background in computer science, electrical engineering or applied mathematics, have a strong affinity with applied R&D in an industrial context and looking for the next step in your career, feel free to send your open application, including your CV and a motivation letter to the TNO-ESI Science Director Wouter Leibbrandt and the recruiter Yvonne Pribnow, (contact details below).


We are always looking for students for internships.

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Investigating the Best Practice of Research OSS

The candidate will investigate several research questions: What are the challenges faced by open-source research projects and what are the current practices that address them? What are the factors, inner workings and practices that influence the success or failure of open-source research projects?
This research will provide actionable insights about best practices of open source research software based on empirical evidence collected by combining qualitative and quantitative methods.

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Optimization of Manufacturing Systems

There are many ways to allocate a batch of jobs to a manufacturing system’s equipment. As brute-force design space exploration of this optimization space is not feasible, one has to use more intelligent methods.
A first goal of this assignment is to define generic methods to specify these allocation optimization spaces

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