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From engineers we expect evidence, from architects confidence.

In the realm of systems engineering, striking the balance between evidence and confidence is an intricate dance.

By Joris van den Aker

October 2023

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The DYNAMICS Approach

Model-based Specification, Verification, and Adaptation of Software Interfaces

As the complexity of cyber-physical systems is increasing, many are thinking about whether a model-based approach to interfaces hold the key to simplifying software decomposition and integration.

By Benny Akesson

September 2022

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MBSE in the high-tech equipment industry

MBSE-Study of ESI and Partners
The complexity of high-tech equipment is growing quickly due to the demand for systems that perform better, that are more reliable and that integrate optimally in customer-specific processes.

By Jacco Wesselius

August 2022

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13 concepts to play it safe with the cloud

How to connect a high-tech system to the cloud and still ensure end-2-end safety and performance
By Teun Hendriks

June, 2022

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The Case for Empirical Survey-based Research

by Benny Akesson

November, 2021

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Do you have to be a clairvoyant to be a good modeller

by Roland Mathijssen
September 2020

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Terra incognita

by Michael Borth
July 2020

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