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The DYNAMICS Approach

Model-based Specification, Verification, and Adaptation of Software Interfaces

As the complexity of cyber-physical systems is increasing, many are thinking about whether a model-based approach to interfaces hold the key to simplifying software decomposition and integration.

By Benny Akesson

September 2022

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MBSE in the high-tech equipment industry

MBSE-Study of ESI and Partners
The complexity of high-tech equipment is growing quickly due to the demand for systems that perform better, that are more reliable and that integrate optimally in customer-specific processes.

By Jacco Wesselius

August 2022

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13 concepts to play it safe with the cloud

How to connect a high-tech system to the cloud and still ensure end-2-end safety and performance
By Teun Hendriks

June, 2022

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The Case for Empirical Survey-based Research

by Benny Akesson

November, 2021

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Do you have to be a clairvoyant to be a good modeller

by Roland Mathijssen
September 2020

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Terra incognita

by Michael Borth
July 2020

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