Keynote talks

Keynote talks

  9h30 -   9h55 : Opening and welcome
  9h55 - 10h40 : Keynote Gail Murphy
16h00 - 16h45 : Keynote Jean-Luc Garnier

KEYNOTE Gail Murphy

Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (Canada)

Architecting Flow in Software Engineering

Producing useful, robust and evolvable software requires making effective decisions at the right time with the right information. To make the appropriate effective decisions, software developers use information produced by tools about the software being developed and information from other developers often facilitated through tools.  Despite the importance of tools in supporting the socio-technical environment in which software is produced, a surprisingly small amount of attention is paid to how tools work together to support making effective decisions at the right with the right information. In this talk, I will discuss the role of tool architecture in enabling flow of production of software with particular attention to reducing  friction for the humans involved in the production. By reducing friction and enabling flow, the productivity of software development can be improved. 

KEYNOTE Jean-Luc Garnier

Systems Engineering and Architecting Director, Thales Group

Why Digital Twins are important for Embedded Systems

Digital Twins (DT) are one of the major pillars of Digital Transformation within all the Industry Sectors. Thales chairs a domain of activities dedicated to DT in the ATLAS program to sustain this transformation. ATLAS projects works on development and application of standards, case studies and implementation forums. In particular, a project is dedicated to characterization and usage of the kinds of DT along the whole lifecycle of an “entity of interest”. Another project defined how DT can provide an added value in test activities.

In embedded system solutions, DT can be used in several perspectives like control & command, post-processing to diagnosis problems, processing in anticipation to prognosis elaboration, collaboration in order to complement the embedded processing. As such, twinning is essential when considering autonomous systems involved in critical capabilities like people transportation, energy distribution and military fire control.

DT are now used and introduced in the Thales Business units with various business cases and architectural patterns for twinning of systems, products, services, processes, infrastructures and humans.
Processes can structure both operational and support activities including development, training, logistics and maintenance.