What we offer: tailored learning journeys

What we offer: tailored learning journeys

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Choose from our diverse range of five learning programs, each focusing on different facets of the systems engineering lifecycle. Whether you're interested in requirements engineering, architecture design, verification and validation, or systems integration, we have a program suited to your aspirations and career goals.

Much like the interconnected nature of systems themselves, our learning programs are also designed to complement one another, fostering a holistic systems thinking understanding. While each program has its unique focus, there is intentional overlap with key aspects of other roles, enriching the learning experience and preparing you for the multifaceted challenges of the high-tech industry.  

For more information on our learning programs and how they can drive your systems engineers within your company, click on the respective picture below. Or you can contact a member of the EIS academy team within TNO-ESI for personalized assistance and guidance. Alternatively, if you’re interested in sharing knowledge with peers, please visit our networking page for additional information.