Mastering systems integration course

Mastering systems integration course


When developing a high-tech, software intensive system, the development is typically split up into multiple components developed by multiple teams. These components need to be combined to create the system as a whole. The individual components might be according to specification, while the system as a whole does not meet the specified functionality, performance or cost.

This course provides an overview of strategies, processes and methods to integrate a system in an (cost) effective way. In addition it provides a stepwise integration approach based on principles such as early integration, verification and validation. This approach allows to validate the growing realization of the product against requirements and expectations in order to find any flaw at the earliest possible stage. It prevents the integration process to become “uncontrollable” due to a multitude of failures, errors, and faults.

What is this course all about?

Systems integration requires cooperation from many project members, such as project leaders, product managers, architects, lead designers, integrators, and testers. Integration is more than a simple aggregation as the reverse of the decomposition. When system integration is done well, the customer gets the right product with the right dynamic behavior as expected within time.

The learning objectives are:

  • Understand and explain the underlying principles of systems integration and early validation with a result to be able to explain how they are mitigated in your own context

  • Understand and value professional views/roles with a result to be able to map those on the roles you have in your company

  • Identify what your key performance parameters are on your project and how to keep track on them during the development process (deepening)

  • Align the different project team members towards a mutual goal and understanding (learning objective for teams)

  • Create an usable integration sequence and project plan (learning objective for teams)

  • Know when to reflect & adapt during the project (learning objective for teams

Target groups

We made this course for different target groups:

  1. For individuals that are new on integration projects. You can be that new engineer, project leader, product manager, tester, integrator or architect that will be involved in an integration project.

  2. For mentors & coaches in a company who guide (young) professionals or teams working on integration.

  3. For teams that want to grow professionally and together on their current project and increase result of integration project to stay within time & budget.

  4. For facilitators who will guide/coach a company from outside the company.