System Architecture Study Group

The System Architecture Study Group (SASG) is an active group of approximately 200 system architects. Members exchange experiences during regular meetings on system/software architecture.


The SASG goal is to share knowledge and best practices in system/software architecture (in particular for embedded systems and software- or technology-intensive systems) and to provide a platform for individual contacts between the members. The meetings are highly interactive and call upon everyone's experience, expertise, education etc.

Meeting set-up

  • Meetings are organised three times a year, sometimes in collaboration with other parties.

  • Full day meetings: 09:00 - 17:00.

  • A typical meeting agenda:
    - morning: 2 seed presentations, discussions in small groups, plenary feedback session
    - afternoon: 2 seed presentations, discussions in small groups, plenary feedback session, company tour

  • Members act as local hosts, so meeting locations vary

  • Roughly one month before the meeting all members receive an invitation. Those who want to attend have to sign up for the meeting.

  • To ensure that the meetings can be highly interactive, the maximum number of attendees per meeting is set to ca. 35.

  • In case of over-application, the SASG steering committee determines a fair representation for each company (where the 'first come, first served' principle is used per organisation).


The ambition is an even distribution of members: members of multiple companies and per company multiple employees of multiple groups/disciplines. To apply for membership:

  • You fit the following profile: professionally active in the field of system architecture (in the embedded systems domain) and willing to share your knowledge in an active setting.

  • You send a resume/CV of about ½ A4 and a short motivation (why you want to participate and what your contribution will be) and – if possible – a reference

Send your application to:

Note that membership is a prerequisite but not a guarantee of being able to join an SASG meeting

Next meetings

As a rule, the SASG meetings are planned on the first Tuesday of February, June and October.

The upcoming meetings are scheduled for:

  • 18 June 2024

  • 1 October 2024

  • 4 February 2025

  • 3 June 2025

  • 21 October 2025 (October 7 is ESI Symposium)

  • 3 February 2026

(Note that these dates may change for various reasons)

Previous meetings

A selection of presentations from previous meetings is available

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