ESI symposium 2012

ESI symposium 2012

Theme: Cooperative research; Knowledge transfer; Competence development for building tomorrow's embedded systems


Boudewijn Haverkort, ESI


Frits Vaandrager, Radboud University

From model checking to model learning

S1 Mobility
  • Carlo van de Weijer, TomTom and TU Eindhoven
    Navigation centric traffic management

  • Clara Otero Perez, NXP
    Driving the next steps in mobility

S2 Analysis via visualisation
  • Arjan Mooij, ESI
    Early fault detection in industry using formal models

  • Jack van Wijk, TU Eindhoven
    Visualisation of vessel traffic

S3 Active embedded systems
  • Paul van den Bosch, TU Eindhoven
    Control strategies for adaptive embedded systems

  • Lodewijk Bergmans, University of Twente
    Managing complexity and evolution of embedded adaptive software

S4 Wireless Networks
  • Ruud Vullers, Holst Centre
    Wireless sensor network for machine condition monitoring using energy harvesting

  • Hedde Bosman, INCAS3

    Anomalous data from networked embedded sensor systems

S5 Test and diagnosis
  • Peter Vink, ESI/TASS
    Spectrum-based fault localisation

  • Machiel van der Bijl, Axini
    Model-based testing in Allegio: MBT meets MDD

S6 Embedded systems in healthcare
  • Johan van der Ginderdeuren, NXP Leuven
    Embedded digital signal processing in healthcare chips

  • Frank van der Linden, Philips Healthcare
    Point-One projects on medical image processing

  • Hans van Duijn, TU Eindhoven

  • Ed Brinksma, University of Twente