ESI symposium 2013

ESI symposium 2013

Theme: Strong disciplines for Industrial Challenges


Frans Beenker, ESI


Jan Madsen, TU Denmark

Programming the future of Embedded Systems

Jan Mengelers, TNO

Getting the balance right- applied and fundamental research

S1 Systems in context
  • Kees Schuerman and Walter Slegers, TomTom
    Connected vehicle navigation systems

  • Aad Wilmink, Rijkswaterstaat
    Transition towards cooperative traffic management systems

  • Teun Hendriks, TNO-ESI
    Metis: building situation awareness support systems for the internet era

  • Dee Denteneer, Philips
    Building monitoring for imporoved energy efficiency

S2 System Architecting
  • Rudolf Huisman, DAF
    Vehicle function deesign through the V-Cycle

  • Herman Soemers, Philips
    Platform experiences in mechatronic systems development

S3 Embedded Ecosystem
  • Maarten Ditzel, TNO
    STARS - architectures for reconfigurable sensor technology

  • Bram van der Waaij, TNO
    Large-scale IT for dike monitoring

S4 Future-proof Systems
  • Arjan Mooij, TNO-ESI
    Domain specific languages: from domain requirements, via advanced to code generation

  • Mark van den Brand, TU Eindhoven
    Domain specific languages; how about their semantics

S5 System Performance
  • Wouter Tabingh Suermondt, ASML
    How discrete system modelling can support the ASML business - Part 1

  • Mark van den Brand, ASML
    How discrete system modelling can support the ASML business - Part 2

  • Gerard Smit, U Twente
    Robust design of cyber-physical systems

  • Maurice Heemels, TU Eindhoven
    A control perspective on cyber-physical systems

Workhop Design Framework

Roelof Hamberg, TNO-ESI
Comprehensive support for mixed team cooperation

Workshop A3 Method

Pierre van de Laar, TNO-ESI

Concise documenting of key system characteristics