ESI symposium 2014

ESI symposium 2014

Theme: Design challenges for tomorrow's high-tech systems


Frans Beenker, ESI


Luca Benini, ETH Zurich

Computational sensing for the internet of everything

Jim Andrew, Philips

Architecting innovation at Philips - a system of systems challenge

S1 Future-proof systems
  • Jozef Hooman, TNO-ESI
    The future of future-proof systems

  • Gernot Eggen, Philips Healthcare
    Automated migration of legacy software - A use case in field service functions of the Allura product

  • Hritstina Moneva and Jacques Verriet, TNO-ESI
    Model-based support for product family design

  • Jan Tretmans, TNO-ESI
    Quality and reliability challenges of tomorrows high-tech systems

S2 System performance
  • Bart Theelen, TNO-ESI
    Performance as key driver for embedded system design

  • Cees van Huet, ASML
    Model-driven engineering for high-performance servo control - From research to industrial practice

S3 Systems in context
  • Michael Borth, TNO-ESI
    Towards smarter systems-in-context

  • Richard Doornbos, TNO-ESI
    Challenges of machine-generated data in high-tech industry

  • Emmanuel Frimout, Philips
    POE connected lighting - The Light-Master IP project as carrier for the one-indoor architecture convergence

  • Jaco van de Pol, Twente University
    Generating valid and useful test cases

  • Marina Velikova, TNO-ESI
    Supporting decision-making in dynamic environments with uncertainty

  • Jan Laarhuis, Thales
    Dependable cooperative systems for maritime safety and security

S4 Architectural choices
  • Gerardo Daalderop, NXP
    Security in automotive, applied to intelligent transport systems

  • Ronald Fabel, OcĂ© Technologies
    Approach to keep system architecture consistent during product development

Workshop Design Framework

Roelof Hamberg, TNO-ESI
Supporting architecting work by storing crucial information about architecture, rationales, and decision, relating this to knowledge and external models, and keeping these relationships in sync

Workshop POOSL tooling

Jozef Hooman, Arjan Mooij and Bart Theelen, TNO-ESI

New tooling for the parallel object-oriented specification language (POOSL) to support early evalution of system architectures, such as functional behaviour and performance