Webinar 1

Webinar 1

10h00-11h30 CET

Remote collaboration in research and engineering

Covid has brought significant speed in the adoption of remote collaboration in project work, remote maintenance and customer engagement.

Global organisations already had to work remotely, however, now it has come closer to home. What lessons did we learn and best practices can we share in remote collaboration? This webinar will take you along our journey as shared ecosystem.

  • Introduction: Laura van Veen, ESI (TNO)

  • Sjirk Boon, Philips IGT-S Clinical Science

  • Hans Onvlee, ASML

  • Moderation: Laura van Veen, ESI (TNO)


Augmented Reality at ASML, the role of Corona and Trust

Hans Onvlee
Senior Research Manager, ASML

Diagnostics is one of the areas we identified as data-intensive: how to make the transition to predictive maintenance, and how to optimally support field engineers to cope with all data and information needed while executing complex diagnostics or repair/recovery tasks.

Virtual- and Augmented-Reality are obvious advanced IO-devices to help dealing with this.

The COVID-19 crisis showed us, that this type of disruptions can also bring something good: it gave a great stimulance to develop and accept AR as a way to remotely support our customers, as alternative for physical presence, which was blocked due to all the travel restrictions

Introduction of a virtual presence tool for interventional cathlabs: Collaboration Live.

Sjirk Boon, PhD
Senior Scientist Philips IGT-S Clinical Science, Innovation & New Business Creation

Obviously COVID-19 made access to hospitals for clinical application specialists suddenly very difficult. To still be able to train staff and support safe and effective usage of our Philips Azurion systems, the development of a virtual presence / remote collaboration tool was fast-tracked. In this talk the challenges and learning will be presented.

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