Webinar 2

Webinar 2

Webinar 2: 13h30-15h00 CEt

MBSE – adoption and added value

Model-based systems engineering has been around for some time and MBSE-tools are maturing rapidly. Despite all promises, the adoption of MBSE in the high-tech industry appears to be limited to some niches. How to explain this? Do the benefits of MBSE show in industrial practice? Who has adopted MBSE successfully and how did they do it?

  • Maarten Verhoeven, Vanderlande
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  • Tom McDermott, Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) pdf video

  • Teun Hendriks, ESI (TNO) pdf video

  • Moderation: Jacco Wesselius, ESI (TNO)

Model-based systems engineering in a platform driven company

Maarten Verhoeven
Executive Director Architecture & Integration at Vanderlande

Model-based systems engineering is seen as one of the key enablers for Vanderlande to further develop its platform way of working. We have found that the commonly known opportunities and challenges of MBSE equally apply to the development of Vanderlande’s product platforms and their modular building blocks. However, we also see a huge potential to use models to drive the configure-to-order process, where Vanderlande’s sales and solution teams define and validate specific customer solutions based on generic platform building blocks. This talk will elaborate on the introduction of MBSE at Vanderlande, and the challenges we face to apply MBSE for platform and module development on the one hand, as well as the configuration and validation of customer solutions on the other hand.

The Benefits of Digital Engineering Transformation

Thomas A. (Tom) McDermott, Jr., SERC Systems Engineering consultant, practitioner, and research leader

The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) recently completed a study on Digital Engineering (DE) Metrics. The study developed and defined two frameworks that categorize DE benefits and adoption strategies which can be universally applied to a formal enterprise change strategy and associated performance measurement activities. The study categorized DE benefit areas linked to four digital transformation outcome areas: quality, velocity/agility, user experience, and knowledge transfer. The study also categorized of success factors linked to organizational management subsystems encompassing leadership, communication, strategy and vision, resources, workforce, change strategy and processes, customers, measurement and data, workforce, organization DE processes relate to DE, and the organizational and external environments. The study found that the DE community has not yet standardized or developed best practices linking DE practices to measured performance. This is particularly true in the area of DE benefits, although engineering management is repeatedly asking for approaches to measure the benefits and return of their DE transformation activities. This talk will discuss what we found to be the top benefits of a DE transformation and methods to assess these in terms of organizational value.

What role can MBSE play in Systems Engineering for the High-Tech Equipment Industry?

Teun Hendriks
Senior Research Fellow at ESI (TNO)

Model-based systems engineering is by now widely adopted in the Aerospace and Defense industry; MBSE-tools are maturing rapidly. However, despite all promises, the adoption of MBSE in the High-Tech Equipment industry appears to be limited to some niches. For this industry, the Systems Engineering challenge can be broadly defined as follows: how to develop, operate and maintain better products faster, with a less expensive way-of-working. How does MBSE address this challenge?

ESI and its partners have started a collaborative project to study together whether, and if so how, MBSE, or MBSE elements, can improve Systems Engineering in this industry business context. How to get value out of MBSE? How to deploy MBSE and overcome adoption challenges? This talk will provide an update on the state of SE in the High-Tech Equipment Industry, its use of models, and the outlook on the fit of MBSE in this industry context.

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