Obsolete software a thing of the past

Obsolete software a thing of the past

December 8, 2023

Obsolete software a thing of the past

13 Capgemini Engineering employees today received the TNO-ESI "Certificate of Renaissance practitioner" and 4 of them additionally received the "Certificate of Renaissance Expert". This certificate is proof that they have completed training in the methodology developed by TNO-ESI with partners to modernise obsolete software at companies in a reliably efficient manner. For the experts, this certificate signifies that they have successfully applied Renaissance in the industry.

Many companies struggle with so-called legacy software. On the one hand, legacy software is of great added value to companies; on the other hand, it is a barrier to those same companies. Reason: there is a lack of knowledge of the software being used. This increases the chances of hard-to-trace causes of error messages and reduces engineering efficiency.

Drawing on the knowledge of university partners, TNO-ESI has worked with and among its industrial partners to develop a methodology aptly named "Renaissance". This makes it possible to efficiently and reliably convert obsolete software into contemporary systems. To market this and other developed technologies, implementation partners were sought and Capgemini Engineering became a collaborative partner some years ago.

Jeroen Kersten of Capgemini Engineering cordially invites companies that recognise themselves with this issue to get in touch. The recently trained staff involved would like nothing more than to put their knowledge into practice.

Putting knowledge into practice

Business Director TNO-ESI, Jacco Wesselius: "Putting the developed knowledge into practice is what TNO stands for. As ESI, we specialise in methodologies used in the high-tech industry. These methodologies can also be used in other application areas. Sharing knowledge strengthens the competitiveness of the Netherlands. That's what we as TNO-ESI like to work on."