Machinaide: digital twin for SMEs

Machinaide is an ITEA project which aims at making digital twin technology available for a broader range of SMEs.

Within Machinaide, ESI aims at developing techniques for detection, prediction and avoidance of anomalous system behaviour of machine control applications. These are to be used to detect a need for system optimisation during system development and system operation.

Additive Industries heeft de software van zijn 3d-metaalprinter volledig via de low-codeaanpak ontwikkeld. Foto: Additive Industries

Two complementary approaches will be combined to define desired system behaviour:

  1. system requirements will be specified formally using a system specification as a basis and

  2. normal system behaviour will be learned using machine learning techniques.

ESI will together with the MCS department of TNO, develop techniques to automatically detect, predict and avoid deviations of the desired behaviour in order to optimise machine behaviour.


The Dutch consortium of Machinaide is led by Cordis Automation. Other Dutch partners are Lely, Additive Industries, KE-work, TU/e and TNO.

In the article in Mechatronica & Machinebouw, Benno Beuting of Cordis Automation explains the importance of continuous optimisation and the role of the Dutch partners in the Machinaide project.

Read the article published in Mechatronica & Machinebouw (Dutch)