Nexperia joins ESI

Nexperia joins ESI

Nexperia joins ESI partner board

ESI partnerboard

Since January 2020 Nexperia has become member of the ESI Partner Board. Nexperia thus joins the group of ESI partners, all leading high-tech industrial companies and universities with a base in the Netherlands.

ESI director Wouter Leibbrandt:

“Joining Nexperia to the ESI Partner Board means a further strengthening of the ESI ecosystem. We see Nexperia’s participation as a recognition of the fact that the methodologies developed by ESI are relevant to more and more high-tech companies."

With the growing complexity of physical systems, the complexity of the embedded systems increases. ESI develops methodologies and tooling for the development of complex systems by the high-tech industry. These methodologies are tested and validated in practice on site at the partners ("industry as lab" concept). The latest insights from universities are applied.

Paul van den Broek, Nexperia:
“In 2019 we delivered nearly 100 billion chips. We produce the fastest and most accurate machines in the world. Where ASML is at the front end of the chip machines, Nexperia is at the back end. We are now the number 1 in the world. We really want to maintain this position. With our entry into the ESI ecosystem, we are joining the next generation of machine software. We invest in the quality of the software, and at the same time we remain critical about the costs. With our access to the ESI Partner Board, we invest in our future and contribute to the competitive position of the Netherlands in the machine industry.”

Right: Paul van den Broek, Director Development, Nexperia.

Left: Henk-Jan Vink, TNO: Managing Director TNO Information and Communication Technology.