Strypes becomes implementation partner of TNO-ESI

Strypes becomes implementation partner of TNO-ESI

January 19, 2024

Strypes becomes implementation partner

Strypes, a leading software company, part of ICT Group and TNO-ESI have announced a pivotal partnership to support scaling-up of the adoption and impact of the innovative systems engineering methodologies of TNO-ESI, starting with their legacy code migration methodologies in the high tech industry sector. This strategic alliance, formalized in Eindhoven, marks a significant step in addressing the complex challenges of legacy systems in the technology industry.

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Todor Marinov, CEO of Strypes Bulgaria signs the contract. Left: Jacco Wesselius, Business Director TNO-ESI
About ESI's expertise in legacy code migration

Together with national and international industry and academic partners, ESI performs research on innovative systems engineering methodologies and on embedding these in the high tech industry to help them manage the complexity of their systems. Next to the research programs, TNO-ESI supports the high tech industry with training programs for systems engineers and systems architects.

TNO-ESI has established itself as a frontrunner in tackling the intricacies of legacy code. The approach (the “Renaissance” methodology) incorporates semi-automated methods to extract models from legacy code, focusing on enhancing understanding and evolving legacy software. ESI’s methodologies address crucial aspects like functionality, structure and code evolvability, essential for high-tech companies dealing with massive software systems.

About ESI's expertise in legacy code migration

To scale-up the adoption and impact of the methodologies and tools, TNO-ESI is developing a network of implementation partners. These partners will train their engineers for TNO-ESI’s methodologies and tools. Trained engineers will receive a Certificate of Proficiency of TNO-ESI (practitioner or expert level). TNO-ESI is happy that Strypes will be their second implementation partner, giving a broader range of industry access to their methodologies and tools.

TNO-ESI is looking forward to exploring options to extend partnership with Strypes beyond the Renaissance methodology, with one or more of the other systems and software engineering methodologies developed by TNO-ESI and industry and academic partners.

Picture - left to right:

  • Jacco Wesselius, TNO-ESI

  • Luc Smeets, Strypes

  • Eric Damhuis, Strypes

  • Todor Marinov, Strypes

  • Ronald Begeer, TNO-ESI

  • Wouter Leibbrandt, TNO Digital Systems

  • Koen van Wijk, ICT-Group

Strypes' proven track record in addressing customer needs

Strypes, known for its innovative solutions in software development, brings valuable insights and experience to this partnership. Their expertise in legacy code migration centers on understanding unique project needs, acknowledging the cost and complexity involved in such transitions.
Strypes’ Nearsurance approach to assessing customer needs for code quality and developing customized migration strategies aligns seamlessly with TNO-ESI's research-driven methodologies.

The impact of the Strypes - ESI Collaboration

As first step, the collaboration between Strypes and TNO-ESI is a fusion of research and practical application, setting a new bar in the field of legacy code migration. This partnership aims to offer robust, innovative solutions to modernize legacy systems, enabling companies to harness new growth and technological opportunities.

As next steps, Strypes and TNO-ESI will explore options to broaden their partnership to other industry challenges and fields of expertise. 

Advancing IT modernization through partnership

This partnership exemplifies the dynamic nature of the IT industry, where collaboration and knowledge exchange pave the way for solving complex technological challenges. Strypes and TNO-ESI are at the forefront, offering state-of-the-art solutions for legacy code migration, committed to redefine industry standards.

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