Solutions for complexity: TNO, Obeo and Altran

Solutions for complexity: TNO, Obeo and Altran

Photo left to right: Etienne Juliot (Obeo), Berry Vetjens (TNO), Lars Seegers (Altran); representatives of the signatories. ©TNO-ESI

Bridging the innovation gap

Bringing advanced development methodologies for software engineering to the market

TNO, Obeo and Altran manage the complexity of high-tech systems

TNO, Obeo and Altran signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on solutions for this complexity. The theme of the ESI symposium is "Intelligence, the next challenge in system engineering"? The high-tech industry supplies products of ever-increasing complexity. This complexity is such that insight, perspective and, at the same time, keeping a grip on the details have become a great challenge and not a foregone conclusion. No matter how good system engineers are, the human brain can no longer simply grasp this complexity.

ESI, part of TNO, has been working for years in open innovation with partners from the high-tech industry and academia on the development of methodologies to manage this complexity. It is partly thanks to these methods that the Dutch high-tech industry remains globally competitive. Implementing these advanced development methodologies have already led to engineering efficiency improvements ranged between 20% to 80%.

From knowledge to practice

ESI draws on the most recent knowledge of its university partners (TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente and Radboud University Nijmegen) and further develops it into applications in industrial practice, including supporting tools.

Berry Vetjens

"The big challenge in applied research is to bridge the innovation gap from research to industrial application. ESI, as Joint Innovation Centre of TNO, proves itself here again as a leading research group in the Netherlands for high-tech systems design and engineering."

Berry Vetjens, Director Market at TNO ICT


The developed methodologies have been advanced and validated among industrial partners (including ASML, NXP, Océ, Philips, Thales, Thermo Fisher Scientific). These companies have jointly invested in the development with TNO, previously along with the with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and are prepared to share their knowledge with other industry sectors.

Frans Beenker

“ESI focuses on developing new methodologies while our partners must be able to rely on lasting support from ESI. This is why we have looked for partners who can help us to apply our results on a large scale within the companies. We found these at Obeo for getting tools to market and Altran for application and support for companies.”

Frans Beenker, business director of ESI

Etienne Juliot

"As a key actor of Model-Based System Engineering and Modeling tools such as Capella and Sirius, we are excited about working with ESI to bring to HW/SW architects the ability to perform early simulations. This partnership is the opportunity for the early adopters of research & Open Source projects to benefit from industrialised professional software."

Etienne Juliot, Vice President Obeo

Lars Seegers

"Altran is delighted to sign the partnership with ESI and OBEO that will bring advanced development methodologies and tools for software engineering to the market. We are convinced that the automation of software engineering is key to manage complexity and to improve the overall speed and quality of engineering. Our excellent capabilities in the field of model driven engineering supports the integration these methodologies and tools for high-performance engineering environments.”

Lars Seegers, CEO Altran