Adapters for plug-and-play interconnectivity

Adapters for plug-and-play interconnectivity

Fast and reliable system integration using interface models

Generally, the integration of functional capabilities from several independently-developed systems is complex and time-consuming. Despite the fact that systems may fit in terms of their functional capabilities, technical connectivity is hardly a trivial issue. Incompatibilities between external interfaces may include data syntax and semantics, communication protocols or even physical layer connectivity. At a software level, these incompatibilities can be addressed by developing custom adapters, also known as ‘mediators’ or ‘glue logic’.

New techniques have been developed that allow for the automatic generation of software adapters based on system interface models.

Method description
  1. Recognize different types of incompatibilities between the systems to be integrated

  2. Develop reusable front-ends for concrete interface technologies

  3. Model the data and behavior of the systems’ external interfaces

  4. Model what the integration needs to establish

  5. Automatically generate the full adapter

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