Fast-track simulation for critical system parameters

Fast-track simulation for critical system parameters

Modelling system aspects to support design choices

In the early phases of system development important choices have to be made for system design concepts. Performing a detailed evaluation of each possible variant is costly in both time and effort. So an effective and efficient method is needed to explore the design space in terms of critical system parameters.

Simple simulation models, each representing a system’s key characteristic, enable a fast-track analysis of different system variants with relatively little effort. The analysis focuses on relative comparisons rather than absolute measures. Through quantitative comparisons of the system’s critical parameters, early feedback on design choices can be given to stakeholders.

This approach is applicable for new systems as well as new variants of existing systems (or product) families.

Method description
  1. Determine a critical system aspect to evaluate

  2. Gather the most sensitive parameters that influence this system aspect

  3. Evaluate dependencies and choose appropriate modelling formalism(s)

  4. Make a model that fits the accuracy and precision requirements

  5. Calibrate and evaluate the models

  6. Present and discuss the results in graphical format

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