Security and privacy aware design

Security and privacy aware design

ESI has focused in the SECREDAS project on how to get a good reference architecture that enables security, safety and privacy.

Security and privacy are broad concepts, especially true when applied in system development as they can imply different meanings for different stakeholders. SECREDAS Reference architecture is an effort to provide a common language that can be used during a product development cycle to address the security and privacy concerns. This reference architecture formulates customer, business and the technical aspects of systems architecting with focuses on introducing high security and privacy protection to safe automated systems. SECREDAS has received funding from the Electronic Component Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking under grant agreement nr 783119.

System security: challenges and opportunities in creating secure high tech systems

Security has an impact on high tech systems in all phases of their lifetime, challenging system functionality, performance, safety and usability. System security must have early and continuous focus in the complex world of system development, and be done by design, throughout the whole system, and not as an afterthought or add-on. To ensure that this is achieved, collaboration is key.

System security: from threat to opportunity

High tech systems are complex cyber-physical systems on which we rely more and more in our daily lives. These systems are sensitive to attacks that can cause anything from data loss, to functionality degradation and even physical damage. Economic losses and reputational harm may be irrecoverable while the risk of fatalities cannot be ruled out. Protection, detection, mitigation and recovery must take place in both the physical and digital worlds. Up front and in collaboration. And as security measures must be present throughout the full system, not only must security experts deal with this issue, but every developer must have some minimal level of awareness about security.