TRACE Getting started

TRACE Getting started

The TRACE tool is available as a plugin for the Eclipse IDE through the update site repository. Once the TRACE plugins are installed, the Eclipse Help menu contains a section on TRACE. It describes the input format of TRACE and contains an explanation of the visualization and analysis features. Below are instructions to install TRACE from scratch.

Installation of TRACE

The first step is to install the Eclipse IDE:

  • Download an Eclipse IDE, e.g.

  • Unzip the IDE, e.g., to the directory “TRACE”

  • Start the Eclipse IDE via “TRACE /eclipse/eclipse.exe”

  • Select a workspace directory: Use the browse button and create a directory “TRACE/workspace”. (uncheck the checkbox in the lower-right corner of the “welcome” tab and close it)

The next step is to install the TRACE plugin and the Streaming DSL plugin in the Eclipse IDE:

  • Select “Help -> Install New Software”

  • Click “Add” and put a name (“TRACE update site”) and location:

  • Click “OK” and check that the window now shows the TRACE and the TRACE StreamDSL features

  • Select these features and click “Next”

  • Complete the remaining steps of the installation process (including acceptance of the license agreement and a restart of the Eclipse IDE)

Installation of the examples
  • Download the “” file from

  • Unzip this file in the “TRACE” directory

  • In Eclipse: right-click the “Package Explorer” view (left hand side of window) and select “New -> Project”

  • Select “General -> Project” and click “Next”

  • Choose a project name, e.g., “TRACE examples”, uncheck the “use default location” option, and use the browse button to select the directory with the unzipped contents. Finally, click “Finish”.

  • Verify that the “Package Explorer” view now shows the contents of the file. Double-click “reference.etf” and check whether a Gantt-chart view is shown. If this is the case, then installation has been successful.

What is new in version 0.6.4
  • Feature: Add throughput analysis

  • Feature: Improved reporting of parsing errors

  • Bug: Prevent error if resource analysis is done for a resource that is not used

What is new in version 0.6.3
  • Bug: Prevent clearing internal data structures of trace when the workspace changes

  • Feature: Allow scientific notation in MTL time intervals

  • Feature: Add DSL for specification of trace properties for streaming applications