Tuesday, April 20, 2021. 09h00-17h00
Theatre De Schalm
Address: Meiveld 3, Veldhoven route

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Digital enablement

Innovation high-tech industry is largely enabled by digital technologies.

Over the past decades, the high-tech industry has fully experienced the digitalization of their products and processes. As a consequence, innovation in high-tech industry is now largely enabled by digital technologies. For example, the expansion towards more complex systems and system of systems integrated in a customer context. Or, the renewed focus on life cycle management with continuous upgrades and keeping the product fit for purpose. During the 2020 ESI symposium we will discuss the systems engineering approaches and engineering workforces required to be ‘digitally enabled’.  

This event will feature a varied program with interactive sessions inspired by contributions of industrial and academic speakers. Moreover, there will be plenty of networking opportunities on the innovation market.

Jim Koonmen, ASML

Delivering value in an increasingly complex customer environment.
ASML’s Holistic Lithography Strategy

Jim Koonmen, Executive VP, Applications business at ASML

Presentation tracks

  1. MBSE - what problem does it solve?

  2. Managing your legacy

  3. Remote engineering and training

  4. Reference architectures and value-based architecting

  5. Verification, validation, configuration

  6. Intelligent diagnostics

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ESI symposium 2019
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During the ESI  symposium photo and video recordings will be made. These can be used for PR purposes by ESI. If you wish not to be recognizably visible, please send an e-mail to