ESI symposium 2020-2021

ESI symposium 2020-2021

Theme: digital enablement

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ESI symposium part 1: webinar day

While preparing the ESI symposium 2020, the coronavirus and the taken measures internationally have forced us to reconsider the organization of the ESI symposium.

The good news is: the symposium will take place, in two parts! On the original date of October 6, 2020 there will be an on-line preview in the form of multiple webinars. The actual, physical ESI symposium, will be rescheduled for April 20, 2021, in the familiar format, including keynotes, parallel sessions and the challenging innovation market.

Digital enablement

Over the past decades, the high-tech industry has fully experienced the digitalization of their products and processes. As a consequence, innovation in high-tech industry is now largely enabled by digital technologies. For example, the expansion towards more complex systems and system of systems integrated in a customer context. Or, the renewed focus on life cycle management with continuous upgrades and keeping the product fit for purpose. We will discuss the systems engineering approaches and engineering workforces required to be ‘digitally enabled’.

This event will feature a varied program with interactive sessions inspired by contributions of industrial and academic speakers.

The webinars on October 6, 2020 will focus on the following themes:

  • Remote collaboration in research and engineering

  • MBSE – adoption and added value

  • Intelligent diagnostics

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