Data sharing, AI, and digital twinning

Data sharing, AI, and digital twinning

Partner IDEW'21: TNO ICT unit
April 19, 2021

Abstracts, recordings

Henk-Jan Vink

Managing Director at TNO Information and Communication Technology (TNO Unit ICT)

Jacob Groote: "Business First Technology Second"

Executive Vice President 5G, KPN


With 5G the availability of technology will become ubiquitous. In a 5G world three elements are the key to success: Understanding business (value), a clear roadmap and cooperation with the ecosystem

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Jildau Bouwman: "Secure learning: solutions for data reuse in health"

Program leader Digital health & Senior Scientist Systems Biology, TNO
This presentation explores how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a game changer in transforming the healthcare sector. Highlights a few challenges to be faced along the way, such as logically connecting huge amounts of sensitive data, complying with recently introduced data protection legislation and ensuring that the individual is always in control of his or her data. Alongside some use cases several solutions will be presented that are all in line with the concept of the Personal Health Train.

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Michael Borth: "The Road towards Digital Twins"

Senior Research Fellow ESI (TNO)
Digital Twins appear everywhere: they create higher throughput in industry 4.0 factories, decrease traffic consumption, prevent system down-times, or enable adaptive and resilient systems. But how do you know which type of twin you need, where to start, and what to do?
To answer this, TNO MCS and ESI have linked the purposes of Digital Twins with different pathways towards them. Starting with the ‘Why’, we provide a 7-step roadmap for cradle to grave realization and operation of digital twins. Altogether, this structured approach brings you on a unique journey, tailored to needs, capabilities, and the impact you seek.

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Matthijs Punter: "New approaches for data sovereignty in high-tech manufacturing"

Researcher Data Sharing for manufacturing, TNO

Large scale data sharing within high-tech machines, complex factories and integrated supply networks results in a lot of complexity: How to effectively use such data? How to control access and usage to data? How to enable new AI-approaches? In this presentation Matthijs Punter will focus on the challenges and present the approach taken in the Dutch high-tech supply chain from both an organizational and technical perspectiveHow can high-tech manufacturing companies collaborate in setting-up new data spaces?

  • What is happening in the Brainport Industries community in this regard?

How can new standards such as the International Data Spaces Initiative, Industry 4.0 and the GAIA-X federated cloud alleviate some of the barriers?

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Paul Brandt: "Flexible IT with Ontologies"

Sr. Scientist Semantics & Interoperability, TNO

Current approaches towards semantic interoperability still rely on conventions on the semantics of the exchanged terms, which can be considered both accepted folklore and an impediment to access-and-play interoperability and subsequent business agility. A breakthrough for this impasse requires consensus on the foundations of semantics and its use in software. We show how ontologies improve the business & IT alignment by embodying a distinct semantic component that provides for flexibility, evolution and a cost reduction over your enterprise application life-cycle.

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Berry Vetjens

Director Market TNO


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