Reference architecting

Reference architecting

IDEW'21: ESI (TNO) and partners
April 20, 2021
Venue: online

Abstracts, recordings, demo

Jamie McCormack: "Reference architecting track - Introduction"

Principal System Architect / Technical Lead, Thermo Fisher Scientific

The high-tech industry is creating more and more complex products in many variants and for many markets, leading to a significant challenge in technical diversity. At the same time companies strive to reduce time to market and, increase quality which is made more and more difficult by this increasing diversity. Reference architectures and platform approaches are powerful ways to address this challenge. To apply these approaches successfully, the architect faces a challenge of placing constraints and allowing variation at the correct points in the system to match technical, customer and business needs.

In this track, we will present our experiences with respect to designing, introducing, and maintaining effective reference architectures. We will present two approaches that connect the architecture to customer and business values. Finally, we will reflect on the essential role organization plays in this process.

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Richard Doornbos: "Towards a method for creating Reference Architectures
- a journey together with Thermo Fisher Scientific"

Senior Research Fellow, ESI (TNO)

Having a reference architecture for a product range is a good thing for many reasons, but how to create one? What should be part of it? And how much detail do you need?

In this presentation, we show the journey of making a reference architecture for transmission electron microscopes. We will illustrate what we achieved so far and present the contours of a method to create a reference architecture.

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Klas Niste: "Product Creation Transformation at Volvo Cars

Senior director, System Responsible Complete Vehicle / Complete product Volvo Cars

The topic is about how to create ability to manage and integrate complex products in our complex and fast changing world.
It´s about moving from traditional Systems Development and Integration to all aspects of Integrated Product Development and gives a hint of what is needed.
Target of the presentation is to initiate a generic discussion with and get feedback from professionals in various businesses.

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Demo: Reasoning from customer value to technical choices

Jim Koonmen: "ASML’s Holistic Lithography Strategy: Delivering value in an increasingly complex customer environment

Executive Vice President of ASML Applications

The semiconductor industry is driven by affordable scaling, which is powered by ASML’s holistic lithography product portfolio.  We provide our customers with everything they need – hardware, software and services – to mass produce patterns on silicon, allowing them to increase the value and lower the cost of a chip.  As the complexity of each successive generation of solutions continues to increase, so does the amount of data generated by each of ASML’s tools.  ASML continues to invest heavily to generate value for its customers from these data streams, employing sophisticated algorithmic and deep learning approaches across a variety of application areas.

Wouter Leibbrandt and Frans Beenker

Director Science and Operations resp. Director Business,

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